Thursday, March 3, 2011

Want to help me with a decision?

Hey everyone!

So, I haven't been updating as much because I'm actually working on a website that will involve a lot more than just eating - it'll be a blog, have pictures, have tips, restaurants, books, etc. With that said, in addition to a food section and a blog section, would you all rather see a section on fitness or a section on "life"? I guess the life section would include stuff about travelling, books, etc... But I wonder if I should keep that in the blog part?

Let me know your thoughts!

Happy Thursday. xoxo


  1. Sounds like a great website, be sure to share with me! :-)

    Fitness would be awesome!

  2. I will, definitely!

    Ok, fitness it is. :) I'm so excited!! It'll take me a few more days to work out the tweaks and fine tune everything, but I'm hoping for the best, haha!